The Idea

Cribbage Tiles was born out of an idea to make a board that was infinitely configurable.  Looking at our children play with wooden blocks and just make creative shapes, we were inspired to make a re-shapable board.

Cribbage Tiles can be configured as any number of standard length games. It can be configured for shorter or longer games.  Cribbage Tiles can also just be used as blocks that can be connected into any shape.  We have seen early testers just sit down and put tiles together with no intent to ever actually peg and count a game.

Manufacturing Process

Our unique manufacturing process is a fusion of traditional hand craftsmanship combined with automated machine techniques.  Each Cribbage Tiles piece is a work of art that requires eight steps.  The process starts with hand selection of the wood that will go into each piece.  These are chosen for their natural beauty and character.  Some of the steps are more automated, but even these repetitive steps are influenced by the specific wood grains.  For example, in some pieces the peg holes are precisely aligned.  In others, they are not as well aligned or not perfectly straight due to the wood grain.  Often times the less “perfect” pieces are more beautiful and interesting to look at.

We use high quality vintage and modern equipment. It ranges from a 1948 Delta Unisaw to a 1989 CNC mill, to a 2021 thickness sander.  We have created a number of unique tooling jigs and fixtures to make the pieces consistent and yet give each one some character.

The box that holds the tiles and game pieces is also its own piece of custom build art.  The finger joints are made with a custom built tool and each side of the box is individually finished and hand pieced together for a unique and beautiful box.  

Cribbage Tiles has a pending patent